Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Welcome to Stone Trolls

Stone Trolled Drunk is a group of 2d and 3d artists. We have gotten this blog rolling out of a desire to share links to interesting art, tutorials, images, and to share our own work outside of work. While we all collectively may work at Turbine Games, this blog is not associated with them directly aside from a collective interest in art and interesting things.

To kick this off, here are a few interesting links that have been passed around recently.

Some really great landscape painting tutorials by concept artist Shaddy Safadi:
Shaddy Safadi's Landscape tutorials

 And the associated blog:

Davi's last inspiration thread email:

·         Bobby Chiu’s kickstarter for animated comic book for ipad(with art book)

·         Venture brothery comicbook “God hates artstronauts” kickstarter:

·         Not sure if I linked already, but Anatomy pinterest:
and figure drawing reference tumblr:

·         Entertainment Collectibles review/new site:

·         Easy way to get a lot of gaming ‘buzz news’ fast in 90% screenshot or video format:

·         Find concept art galleries from thousands of games:

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